The Wrong Rock: Animated Special

The Wrong Rock – Short Film. Martin was born on the wrong rock. Martin is a mushroom and he challenges the rules of the land to travel to a far away rock.

Cupid’s Apprentice

Cupid’s Apprentice is an animated family fantasy feature film developed by Michael Cawood and Julie Pifher, based on the popular short film ‘Devils, Angels & Dating’.

Third Planet Problems

Third Planet Problems is a work in progress adult animated comedy series in development, created by Michael Cawood and Julie Pifher. Please contact us if you would like to read the script or see more of the pitch.

The Phoenix Gene

The Phoenix Gene is a Science Fiction Feature Film in development. With story by Michael Cawood and screen play by Julie Pifher.

Maisey the Dragon

Maisey the Dragon is a children’s comedy series in development. Created by Michael Cawood and produced by Julie Pifher.

Ruby Rocket

Ruby Rocket is a pre-school animated series developed by Julie Pifher with artwork by Michael Cawood.

Tales from the 4th Dimension

5 short science fiction stories published in the anthology “Tales from the 4th Dimension” available in audio and ebook. Feature screenplay for The Harvest available upon request. Welcome to the 4th Dimension. You are here because you have survived The Harvest. Whether you live in The Bunker or just beyond The Fence, you must play … Read More

Ninjago Movie

Previs, Layout, Storyboards and Story ideas contributed by Michael Cawood of HEROmation for Warner Brothers and Lego.

Sam & the Secrets of the Universe

Welcome to Monad, the first circuit planet of Havona. You are here to learn the most powerful secrets of the Universe. If you succeed, you will progress through the seven circuit planets, where more secrets await. However far you get will determine your place and purpose in the Universe. Should you fail the lessons of this first planet, you will be Reset with no memories of this place, or your last life. When fifteen-year-old Sam dies on Earth, he will do anything to keep his memories intact. Whether he likes it or not, the secrets he learns on Monad are essential to surviving this cosmic adventure. When he is sucked into a black hole, he must face his anti-self in order to save all of existence. In his desperate quest to maintain his identity, he learns who he really is.