The Wrong Rock Release

December 6, 2019By Michael Cawoodanimated, animated film, animated filmmaker, animated short, animatic, Animation, animation studio, animator, Artist, award, behind the scenes, boardomatic, camera sequencer, cartoon, character, character design, Cinematic, collab, collaboration, collabs, coop studio, design, Direction, editing, Film, filmmaking, HEROmation, Layout, Layout Artist, Los Angeles, maya, michael cawood, movie, off-site, on-site, online, premiere, Previs, Previsualisation, producer, production, remote, remote collaboration, screenwriting, short film, short film animation, story, storyboard, storyboard artist, storyboarding, The Wrong Rock, YouTube No Comments

It’s been a three year journey, but The Wrong Rock is finally online for the world to see. For me it was year full time, a year part time and a year on the festival circuit. Along the way we won Best Animated Short at the Burbank film Festival and Best Short Animation at the … Read More