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"Before we can save the world, we must put aside our differences. We're all on the same Rock!"

Michael Cawood, Animated Filmmaker






Festival Screenings and Awards

CTN Burbank, CA, USA 17 Nov 2018 Animation Convention
Lebu Film Festival Chile 15-21 Feb 2019 Oscar Qualifying
Cape Town Animation Festival Africa 8-10 Mar 2019 Official Selection
Bermuda Film Festival Bermuda 10-17 Mar 2019 Oscar Qualifying
Animfest Athens, Greece 14-17 Mar 2019 Official Selection
Riverrun Film Festival Winston-Salem, NC, USA 4-14 Apr 2019 Oscar Qualifying
British Animation Festival London, UK 10 May 2019 Official Selection
Short Shorts iTSCOM Tokyo, Japan 30 May 2019 Oscar Qualifying
Short Shorts SHIDAX Tokyo, Japan 13 Jun 2019 Oscar Qualifying
Traverse City Film Festival Traverse City, MI, USA 3 Aug 2019 Official Selection
Rhode Island Film Festival Rhode Island, USA 6-11 Aug 2019 Oscar Qualifying
HollyShorts Film Festival Hollywood, CA, USA 8-17 Aug 2019 Oscar Qualifying
Dreamworks Glendale, CA, USA 13 Aug 2019 Private Screening
Lift-Off Animation Showcase TBA 25-31 Aug 2019 Official Selection
Burbank Film Festival Burbank, CA, USA 7 Sept 2019 WINNER: Best Animated Short
Non Violent Festival TBA 19-29 Sept 2019 Official Selection
Animation Block Party New York, USA 22 Sept 2019 Official Selection
Edmonton Film Festival Edmonton, Canada 26 Sept - 5 Oct 2019 Oscar Qualifying
DeSoto Film Festival Southaven, MI, USA 3-5 Oct 2019 Official Selection
Hamptons Film Festival Hamptons, NY, USA 10-14 Oct 2019 Oscar Qualifying
Satisfied Eye Film Festival Kingston Upon Thames, UK 18-20 Oct 2019 Official Selection
Davis Film Festival Davis, CA, USA 26 Oct 2019 WINNER: Best Short Animation
St. Louis Film Festival St. Louis, MO, USA 10 Nov 2019 Oscar Qualifying
Foyle Film Festival Ireland 23 Nov 2019 Oscar Qualifying
Animation Marathon Athens, Greece 24 Nov 2019 Official Selection
Artella & Animation Mentor Founder & Pixar Animator – Bobby Beck

“The Wrong Rock hits home and drives to the core of what makes cinema great. The team Michael has assembled is absolutely incredible. Despite everyone being spread out all over the world, Michael has been able to unify their efforts in an extremely cohesive way and the work they are doing is truly awe inspiring.”

Artella & Animation Mentor Founder & Pixar Animator – Bobby Beck
Nimble Collective Founder & Head of Animation at Dreamworks – Jason Schleifer

“Through The Wrong Rock, Michael Cawood celebrates a powerful message of acceptance and unity. By assembling a global team of talented animators, he masterfully crafts (and echos) the journey of a single hopeful soul who helps shine a light on the truth that we are all one. There is no time more appropriate than now to spread this message, and I’m thrilled that Michael and his team are doing so with passion and integrity.”

Nimble Collective Founder & Head of Animation at Dreamworks – Jason Schleifer
Disney Layout Supervisor – Joaquin Baldwin

“Michael has the knowledge to make a film like this take off, he is great at bringing people together, running a large project and seeing it is completed. His previous experience and the way he managed the community of artists tells me this new film is sure to be a passionate and well managed endeavor.”

Disney Layout Supervisor – Joaquin Baldwin

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