Short Stories

HEROmation consulted with JP Cawood on her book, "Tales from the 4th Dimension". We also worked on the cover artwork and website.

Welcome to the 4th Dimension. You are here because you have survived The Harvest. Whether you live in The Bunker or just beyond The Fence, you must play The Game set before you. Do you belong on this level of consciousness or are you The Intruder we seek to destroy? This collection of short stories include: The Bunker - In a post-apocalyptic world, a group of friends survives in an underground bunker with the use of a Dream Device to keep them from going stir crazy. The Fence - A group of young boys discover something in the woods that will change their lives forever. The Game - A soldier endures a unique battle to get back to the woman he loves. The Intruder - A woman’s world is shaken when someone repeatedly breaks into her house. The Harvest - Half the population is mysteriously marked with X’s on their foreheads. James escapes from prison to protect his family from whatever is causing this strange phenomenon.

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