The Wrong Rock: Animated Special

The Wrong Rock – Short Film. Martin was born on the wrong rock. Martin is a mushroom and he challenges the rules of the land to travel to a far away rock.

Squeezamals Opening shot animation, rigging, surfacing, lighting and rendering by Michael Cawood, of HEROmation.

Energizer Bunny

Previs, Layout provided Michael Cawood of HEROmation for The Mill and Energizer.

Monkey Prince

Storyboard Animatic and Previs created by Michael Cawood of HEROmation for Marza.

Mario Odyssey

Previs Supervision by Michael Cawood of HEROmation for Proof Inc., The Mill and Nintendo.

Ninjago Movie

Previs, Layout, Storyboards and Story ideas contributed by Michael Cawood of HEROmation for Warner Brothers and Lego.


Layout and Previs provided by Michael Cawood of HEROmation for Dreamworks and universal.

The OceanMaker: Short Film

Michael Cawood, of HEROmation, was Head of Story and created Character Designs, Previs, Layout, Editing and Animation for Martell Animation in association with Mighty Coconut.

Devils Angels & Dating: Short Film

Created by the Animation Director, Michael Cawood, this computer animated short film is the work of a worldwide team of Artists and Animators. Entirely developed in public online, it has also become a fantastic resource for Animation students and professionals alike.